Serendipitous Gardening

As it turns out, sometimes NOT weeding ends up being a good thing.

(Which is surely a metaphor for something … )

Our almost-entirely-untended vegetable garden yielded ten squash this fall.

(TEN! Nine butternut and one spaghetti.)

Question: When would squash plants be considered weeds?

Answer: When you don’t plant them.

When I planted our veggie garden threw down some seeds this spring, not a single squash seed was sown — which means all these squash are a gift from our compost bin.

So, what to do with ten all-at-once squash?

We ate two in the usual way (for supper: one was roasted, one was diced and steamed and added to a dish).

Last week, I roasted another three:

Two trays went into the oven at once. I baked them at 350F for about 40 minutes.


And after puréeing the squash, I baked three double batches of “pumpkin” muffins:

Did you know butternut squash can be substituted for pumpkin?

(I didn’t … thank you, internet!)

In other compost bin news, ours also produced this wonder:

We don’t know with absolute certainty, but we suspect it was an avocado plant.

Nature amazes me.

7 thoughts on “Serendipitous Gardening

  1. I did not see this until just now. The last few weeks have been a hard time. I wouldn’t know the first thing to do with a squash (of any kind) because there are some parts of adulting I’ve just never even begun doing, much less mastered. But I really love the idea that these things just appeared, and from your compost bin. There’s a beautiful metaphor in that.


    1. Sending you a hug, Rita; I so wish things were easier for you. If you want to talk/vent you know I’m here for you.

      FWIW I was probably 35 years old when I bought my first squash. And there are many areas of adulting I’ve not yet begun or mastered either.

      There IS a beautiful metaphor in this; I knew you would see that 🙂 .


  2. I love that idea of ‘serendipitous gardening’! And certainly it carries over into the rest of life at times. I’ve learnt the importance of not reacting straight away, of counting to 10 (or 10,000), breathing, and doing nothing. At least for a while.
    And yes, I’m sure that’s an avocado. Though I’m guessing in your climate its never going to give you babies….


    1. “I’ve learnt the importance of not reacting straight away, of counting to 10 (or 10,000), breathing, and doing nothing” — truer words were never spoken, Deborah! This is something I heartily wish I had learned earlier on in my life, but although I’m still not 100% successful, I am (thank goodness!) MUCH better at it than I used to be.

      Yes (!!!) we were right about it being an avocado 🙂 . No, you’re right, our climate is definitely not avocado-friendly! I confess I didn’t even bring it indoors to attempt to make a houseplant of it as I was too concerned about all the bugs I would be bringing indoors as well. Sadly, it was simply dug under.


  3. Hi Marian, just dropped by to wish you a happy new year (despite all that is happening around us!). I hope your family Christmas went well. It’s a busy and demanding time isn’t it (though I had the delight and privilege of a very quiet peaceful time and for only the second time had Christmas dinner largely cooked for us by our son and daughter in law – such a treat!).
    All the best, Deborah


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